Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Latest from Parish of St. George in Shenandoa, Pa.

St. George Repairs Costly, Leslie Richardson's article in yesterday's "Republican Herald," reports that estimates for repairs of the church have escalated from 2 million to 9.2 million.

Salient quotes:

"Thursday night, after months of anxious waiting, more than 100 parishioners learned it would cost between $6.1 million and $9.2 million to make necessary renovations for St. George Roman Catholic Church to reopen."

“The diocese can say no, but if we can come up with the $9 million they won’t turn us down,” parishoner Anthony Wysoski said. “This is our heritage. This is our parish. We don’t want to lose this parish. If we have to raise $9 million, we will raise $9 million.”

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