Friday, May 22, 2015

Another parishioner disagrees with closing, another challenge to The Euphemism

In her letter to the editor of RecordOnline captioned "Shame on Cardinal Dolan for closing St. Mary's," Mary Sklarz of Newburgh clearly states her disagreement with the archdiocese over the closing of her parish.

She, too, lays into The Euphemism stating,

"Shame on Cardinal Dolan and his slogan "Making All Things New," a marketing term the Archdiocese is employing for this round of church closings. What he is really doing is destroying things he does not want to understand or fairly evaluate. The targeting of St. Mary's was done unfairly and without consideration of the impact on the poor neighborhoods it serves."
I part with Mary where she states, "Unlike NYC, every church is vital to the city."  Mary, in NYC and surrounding suburbs, in 2007 and now, much of the targeting of churches for closure was done unfairly and without consideration of the people they served, the same people who serve the archdiocese and comprise the Mystical Body of Christ.

St. Mary's was in the crosshairs of Cardinal Egan's realignment, mounted an excellent campaign to preserve itself and was spared.  I have always been with this parish in spirit and agree with Mary that it is a terrible and senseless loss for the people of Newburgh.

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