Friday, January 19, 2007

We Deserve Better Than to Be a Footnote to Realignment

Write Letters to the Editor, Comment in On-line Forums - People Need to Know Our Story

Thanks to The Deacon's Blog for calling attention to another media reference to the closing of Our Lady of Vilnius. "The New York Sun's" piece N.Y. Archdiocese will Close 10 Parishesgives the parish a brief reference.

I think we should all write letters to the editors of these media outlets pointing out the Archdiocese' alternate method of closing churches: neglecting them until they can mount a case for demolition. Would St. Brigid's be a candidate for demolition if the Archdiocese addressed its structural issues in a timely manner? Would Our Lady of Vilnius be a "St. Brigid's in the making" if the Archdiocese had responded to Father Sawicki's correspondence about the roof over the past three years?

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