Monday, February 26, 2007

No Matter How Bad Things Are, It's A Comfort to Be There

I found out the the church had been locked and occupied when I arrived to attend Mass. I was joined on the sidewalk outside the church by Joe, Joy, Bobbie, Provolone, Francis and others whose faces were familiar, but who I did not know by name.

People stopped to ask what was going on and shared their feelings about why this church and Father Sawicki are so special. After having the church devalued by the Archdiocese, it was wonderful to hear these testimonials.

One young man had tears running down his face. He spoke of how he and his daughter came to see Father Eugene and were never turned away. He spoke about how Father helped him, and others chimed in. The man couldn't understand how the Archdiocese could close a place of such goodness and help to the people.

We all felt the same way.

Despite the events of the day, it was a pleasure, a comfort and a privilege to be among the people who have been drawn to this parish.

So I will say thanks and goodnight to Our Lady, retire and prepare to continue fighting the good fight.

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