Monday, March 05, 2007

Father Eugene Sawicki Makes News, If Not History

Father Eugene spoke to the "New York Post" last week. They have melded quotes from that interview with other reportage for today's story, Street Preach. Salient quote from Father Eugene:

"It's not only about me, and the treatment of a priest, it's about the parishioners. The old people who used to come here every day to play cards and cook now have nowhere to go. There's no where to celebrate the liturgy. They're outside in the cold. That's not right. This is a place where people come to be in the presence of God.

Good liturgy is good theatre, and good theatre is good therapy. St. Vilnius [sic] raises the hearts and minds to God."

Amen. For me, the liturgy at Our Lady of Vilnius raised my heart and mind to God more readily than any at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I hope that many hearts go out to Father Eugene. Let us pray to Our Lady of Vilnius for his protection from harm and reprisals.

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