Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our Lady of Vilnius, 9/11 and "Reign Over Me"

Today I went to see "Reign Over Me". As Adam Sandler zoomed through the streets of Manhattan on his motorized scooter, I hoped that I would see Our Lady of Vilnius. Our church seemed so much in spirit of the city presented as the backdrop to this story of 9/11, post-traumatic stress, heartbreak and love.

As the theme unfolded, my mind wandered to another piece of film, one shown by Fox, Channel 5, the day after Our Lady of Vilnius was locked.

The young woman, Maureen Meehan, says, "After September 11 this is where we all came. We all just came here and he [Father Sawicki] came out on the steps and talked to us and held our hands."

The church and the parish should continue to stand on the strength of this alone.

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