Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's Vigil at Our Lady of Vilnius

Today we clustered around the front of the church at noon, as we intend to do for the duration. New signs and crosses were added to the hill of crosses that is usually dismantled after our departure. Today Saul brought provisions and equipment and put coffee up to brew while we said our prayers. His wife, Grazina, also brought home made fruit squares, sweet and buttery.

Joy once again led us in prayer, today the Memorare. She brought us back in time to early August, when we first heard that the church had been marked for closure. At that time, Father Eugene had said that this is a church of Our Lady, and, if it is Her will, it will remain open. Joy also recalled the wedding at Canaa, remarking that Jesus performed the miracle of the wine at his Mother's urging. She said that we must ask Our Lady to pray for us, to ask Her to request her Son's help in saving our church. We then prayed the Litany of Loreto, in English today, and sang "Marija, Marija." She also reminded all assembled that these vigils were not a substitute for Mass. It is comforting to have Joy looking after our souls.

Some came and some left as we lingered, drinking coffee and talking as we had usually done in the basement hall. Rita brought bread, cheese, sausage and other provisions and led toasts and songs.

At one point a priest with a walking cane and a retinue of four Poles sauntered down the block. He introduced himself as a priest of the Polish National Church and said that he had just come by to look at our church, but had not expected to meet the parishioners. We offered them refreshments and they lingered.

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