Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Still Center of It All, Gazing Down Upon Us

I pause to remember the church, empty and unillumined except for the daylight filtering through the rose window. This icon of Our Lady above the altar, her metallic paints changing subtly with the light. Dust motes hovering in the air and the relative silence of only distant noise.

Now in this storm of e-mail, video, articles, newscasts, opinions, feelings, plans and acts I search within myself for this peace and gazing at your image, I find it.

Thank you.


Deacon Jim said...

Just wondering... was the Blessed Sacrament reposed in the church?

I highly doubt the locksmiths carried Jesus out. So He's still there, with His mother to keep Him company.

Sort of fitting for Lent. Christ alone in the desert for 40 days.

Nobody's Wife said...

To the best of the rectory's knowledge, He's still there. Father was allowed in and lit the red light, which had gone out.

I look forward to being a true disciple during Holy Week.