Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New York Times cover story provides Our Lady of Vilnius parishioners with inspiration and example

One of the cover stories of the New York Times this morning depicted a small building elevated on a mound of dirt in a construction pit, like a shabby castle marooned in an oversized and unfilled moat. The story, Homeowner Stares Down Wreckers, at Least for a While by Howard French describes how a woman has managed to hold off powerful developers for 2 years and counting. Salient quotes:

"For weeks the confrontation drew attention from people all across China, as a simple homeowner stared down the forces of large-scale redevelopment that are sweeping this country, blocking the preparation of a gigantic construction site by an act of sheer will."

"Then, in a way that is common in China whenever an event begins to take on hints of political overtones, the story virtually disappeared from the news media after the government, bloggers here said, decreed that the subject was suddenly out of bounds."

"What drove interest in the Chongqing case was the uncanny ability of the homeowner to hold out for so long. "

I urge everyone to read this article, because we need to harness this uncanny ability. Wu Ping will continue to be in my prayers and in my blog. Thanks to the New York Times for bringing her to our attention.

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Anonymous said...

It is great to have vigils at the church doors! I was with you although I was vacationing in Jamaica last week. However, it is necessary to start the case in civil court against the cardinal for wrecking a New York landmark. Then supporters will rally around the great cause. Saulius Simoliunas