Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blessed George Matulaitis - befriend him, emulate him and pray to him for his help!

Father Matulaitis said Mass in our church. Let us pray to him for help in saving it. Let him inspire us to "Overcome evil with good." Let us pray to become more like him.

Here is an excerpt from his journal, presented in Sister Ann Mikaila's "Bridges" article:

"If I may ask, Lord, let me be but a kitchen rag in your Church, a rag used to wipe up messes and then thrown away into some dark and dirty corner. I want to be used up and worn out in the same way, so that your house would be a little cleaner and brighter."
Journal: January 13, 1911


elledot@verizon.net said...

The prayer of Blessed George Matulaitis beseeching God to use him as a kitchen rag which is then tossed away leads me to think that housekeeping is both a metaphor and a discipline in Catholic hagiography. Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the seer of Lourdes, prayed to be used as a broom is used and then quietly returned to its corner. Saint Martin de Porres often swept dark corners and recessses of buildings as a way of disciplining himself and practicing humility. Images and statues of him often depict him holding a broom.

Nobody's Wife said...

Your comments are always very thoughtful and illuminating. You should be blogging.