Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our Lady of Vilnius Church: A Memorial Site of Blessed George Matulaitis

Recently an Italian-American friend asked me if there were any Lithuanian saints. I really didn't know. Apparently we do not have any at present, but we may have one in the future, and he has said Mass at Our Lady of Vilnius!

Last Sunday the Knights told me about Blessed George Matulaitis. In the July 26, 1998 edition of "Bridges," Sister Ann Mikaila presents a brief biography of this humble and inspiring man, The Life and Work of Blessed George (Jurgis) Matulaitis. On June 28, 1987, Archbishop Jurgis (George) Matulaitis was beatified by Pope John Paul II. Sister Ann Mikaila summarizes: "His vision of God working in and through the human person revives our hope in our power for good." As a young man, Father Matulaitis took the words of St. Paul, "Overcome evil with good," as his personal motto.

The biography goes to to mention a trip to the United States:

"In June (1926) he sailed to the United States to attend the International Eucharistic Congress in Chicago. He also visited 92 Lithuanian parishes ..."

Our Lady of Vilnius was one of them, a fact noted by the older Knights with great pride.

Cardinal Egan, please recognize the sanctity, the meaning and the beauty of our home and let our parish live!

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