Thursday, September 27, 2007

Encounter with Virgin Mother

After the reception, Rita and I zigged and zagged our way west to the subway. We headed north along Madison Avenue, noting the rose window in the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick's Cathedral. I joked that we should walk around the front and get an early start on singing "Marija, Marija" this week.

After peering below grade into St. Peter's Lutheran church at Citicorp, our next destination was Lever House on Park. Rita wanted to show me a statue that she had almost literally stumbled into last week.

We walked slowly and silently around the pregnant colossus, looking up in awe. On one side the skin is drawn back, revealing muscle, sinew and the child within. All was beauty.

Even more amazing was the name of the work on a small plaque: "Virgin Mother."

I am haunted by this gigantic meditation on woman, the paradox of strength and vulnerability and the miracle of life.

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