Saturday, September 08, 2007

We're Still Out There! Come Join Us!

Singing Across the Canyon

Every Sunday at 10:30 AM we gather across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral in the shadow of Atlas. We hold our signs, wave our flags, meet, greet and inform the curious onlookers.

At 11:15 AM the great bronze center doors of the Cathedral open. We can see the gold cross moving up the center aisle in recessional. We can see them turn left at the back of the cathedral. We can see the golden canopy above the altar and feel the energy to which we are aligned. Sometimes a celebrant comes out and shakes the hands of the faithful as they stream out.

As Rita raises her silver cross and small icon of Our Lady, we raise our voices in song: Marija, Marija. They stand on the steps, looking. We feel like we are reaching them. We are reaching into the Cathedral with our plea. It is going up the center aisle, toward the altar. It is rising, floating above the exhaust of tourist buses on Fifth Avenue. They are curious. Our hearts are open. Our eyes meet. We are educating each other in faith.

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