Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brooks of Sheffield Blogs Our News

Kindred spirit Brooks of Sheffield noticed our City Room item and blogged it on his site, Lost City. We are fortunate enough to be creeping up on our third year in residence on his list of places doomed to oblivion. Thanks to Brooks for putting us before his readers and his mission of letting us know what is slipping away and eulogizing what has been lost.

Photo courtesy of Cornerstones of New York

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Ellen Halloran said...

I really appreciate the work of Brooks of Sheffield and the Lost City blog in making New Yorkers aware of all that they are losing, or are in danger of losing, in the endless cycle of destruction and development. It's a wonderful blog and I am happy that Our Lady of Vilnius received notice in it. Also I'm happy that my comment was posted in response to the blog about our church. When I posted a similar comment on the City Room blog it didn't make it past the comment moderator. I wonder why.
Ellen Halloran