Friday, January 16, 2009

Further East on Broome Street: New York's Filipino Chapel Faces Uncertain Future

Today I was alerted to an article about the uncertain future of the Chapel of San Lorenzo Ruiz, located at 378 Broome Street. An article in Asian Journal, New York’s Filipino Chapel to remain open, for now describes how

"The chapel’s uncertain future allegedly came about due to the supposed lack of Mass attendance, despite the vibrant community life in the Chapel with its various activities."

Sound familiar? So does the rest of the article. Here is an inspiring quote from Fr. Erno Diaz, the chapel's director.

"Our home is facing a struggle. We are facing an uncertain future but we can pray for divine intervention. As they say, prayers can move mountains"

So let's take Fr. Diaz' words to heart and pray for divine intervention for all congregations that are facing the loss of their home and the scattering of their parish family.

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Ellen Halloran said...

I used to stop at this church/chapel on my way home from errands in Chinatown and on Canal Street. I attended a noontime Mass that had a lively and enthusiastic congregation. Even though I was ethnically an "outsider" I always found people very friendly and welcoming. The community may seem small but it is alive and well and deserves to retain its home.
Ellen Halloran