Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I feel you, Chuck

Apparently our Staten Island groundhog is not as obliging as Punxsutawney Phil. Today's New York Times item, An Encore for Chuck the Groundhog, a Day After the Chomp describes the adventures of a misanthropic Staten Island groundhog when inopportunely roused to perform his ceremonial duties. Why am I so sympathetic toward this poor animal?


Ellen Halloran said...

At least Mayor Bloomberg says he has " no hard feelings" about the biting incident.
Maybe you have sympathy for Staten Island Chuck because his living situation doesn't seem right for a groundhog. But, more importantly, his overseers are thinking about retiring him and replacing him even before his third birthday. What happens to a "retired" groundhog?
Ellen Halloran

Nobody's Wife said...

I hope his pension fund wasn't invested with Madoff. My co-op has a nice big lawn. I think he'd enjoy it. And I would like the companionship of a kindred spirit.