Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cardinal Egan is ill and in need of prayers

The T.V. news gave me a jolt this evening when I saw that Cardinal Egan had been hospitalized at St. Vincent's Hospital last evening. The Associated Press put out a terse accounting of the facts. Rocco Palmo elaborates a bit in his "Whispers in the Loggia" post Ed on the Mend.

As Holy Week begins let us keep Cardinal Egan in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Egan equals Capital Sin. He drove many OLoV parishioners to chagrin and early death. His works will live afterwards and they will be not pretty. Saulius Simoliunas

Ellen Halloran said...

We've felt angry because of Cardinal Egan's decision to close Our Lady of Vilnius church. However, I feel shocked and saddened to think of him in pain and I offer my prayers and best wishes for his recovery.
Ellen Halloran

Christina Nakraseive said...

As we have struggled to preserve the church and resurrect the parish of Our Lady of Vilnius, I have always considered Cardinal Egan an opponent, not an adversary. He is a big, imposing, forceful figure, and it is sad to see him laid low, especially at this time of the liturgical year. I pray to Blessed George Matulaitis to intercede for his recovery.