Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Distracted by Beauty

Today our case was one of many on a lengthy calendar. Our attorney, Harry Kresky, fielded pointed questions from 4 judges (one had recused himself) who had studied the briefs. The attorney for the Archdiocese of New York, Peter Johnson, submitted his arguments to the same process. I could not even speculate about any outcome after witnessing the exchanges among the judges and the attorneys.

The Our Lady of Vilnius supporters sat in a row in the back; Aldona, Joe, Adele, Gediminas, Elaine and Mindaugas. I was honored to be among them, as I have always felt honored to be included in the life of Our Lady of Vilnius parish. I brought my miniature of the church icon with me; the same icon that had received a Papal blessing at Yankee Stadium last April. I held it in cupped hands and prayed.

Father Eugene had said that our church was Our Lady's house and would survive if it was God's will. My prayer was for the Holy Spirit to prevail in this process unfolding before me.

Throughout today's proceedings I was struck by the beauty of this courthouse, inside and out. The beauty of the statuary, stained glass, the murals, the ceiling and the bench itself both distracted and consoled.

Our Lady of Vilnius, the church and the parish, hang in the balance.

Our Lady of Vilnius, pray for us!

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