Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reminiscence, prayers and inspiration from a former neighbor

"I lived at 555 next door to Our Lady of Vilnius Church, in 1942. My sister and I shared a bedroom on the side, next to where the church bell rang. It got us up in the morning, that's for sure! We played Chinese school on the church steps with the Browns and Duffys. It was a happy time for us as children, even though times were tough. We were in processions, at which I had the honor of crowning Our Lady. My father was ill, so my mother walked him across the street to his place of work at Mongomery Ward on Varick. He would be home for lunch which was very special. We got to see alot of him, and would have fun during the air raid drills, when the lights were out. It was a wonderful place and time, simple and loving. During a difficult time in my life, many years later, I attended a retreat at Graymoor, in Garrison N.Y. When I was leaving the chapel, I saw a poster of Our Lady of Vilnius church. I felt it was a sign from God, reminding me of those precious years at Broome St. I will pray that this very special sacred place be saved. "

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