Sunday, June 14, 2009

Archbishop Dolan Comments on Our Lady of Vilnius

While covering the celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral on Mulberry Street, Lincoln Anderson of The Villager addressed Archbishop Dolan regarding Our Lady of Vilnius:

"Asked later about the fate of another Downtown Catholic church, Our Lady of Vilna on Broome St. in Soho, Dolan told The Villager he was sure his predecessor, Cardinal Edward Egan, made the right decisions. More than two years ago, the archdiocese closed Our Lady of Vilna, citing its damaged roof and a dwindling congregation. But the church’s former members and its supporters in the city’s Lithuanian community contend it is repairable and that it still had a healthy-sized congregation. They filed a lawsuit against the archdiocese last year to reopen the church.

“After eight weeks, I’m hardly versed in all the particulars,” Dolan replied when asked about Our Lady of Vilna. “At a cursory glance, I would say that the decisions that Cardinal Egan reached were very sane.”

Told that Our Lady of Vilna’s supporters want to meet with him, hoping he’ll be more sympathetic than Egan, Dolan responded, “I’m always happy to meet with everybody, but if it’s to change the decision Cardinal Egan made, it might not be that productive.”

Read Mr. Anderson's article Dolan celebrates 200 years of love’at Old St. Pat’s in its entirety and add your comments to the forum.


Ellen Halloran said...

Archbishop Dolan seems convinced that Cardinal Egan made the "right decisions." He says that he is willing to meet with the parishioners but will that just be another opportunity to showcase his more approachable style while still continuing the same policies we had before?
The closure of Our Lady of Vilnius is nothing other than the Archdiocese trying to make money in the real estate market. The longer the church roof goes unrepaired, (even though insurance for its repair had been paid for) the more damage will be sustained and the original lie told will be perceived as being the truth. How many times will New York City's Catholics put up with this deception?

Nobody's Wife said...

I think that being willing to "speak with everybody" is a positive. I don't think that anyone at Our Lady of Vilnius wanted to initiate an adversarial relationship with the Archdiocese of New York. Even though the archdiocese seems to want to stand firm regarding the closure, it is heartening as a Catholic in this archdiocese to feel like I am within the pastoral interest of the Archbishop. I believe in the Holy Spirit. Despite everyone's resolve in this issue, Our Lord may have something else in mind. We really can't say until it unfolds. I don't see how the archdiocese can say, either. They are as subject to will of God as we are.

Anonymous said...

The hierarchs are a diappointing bunch starting with Egan, then the Pope and now Dolan. Secular courts have become the defenders of the faithful. Spiritual meltdown of the hierarchs! Saulius Simoliunas

Nobody's Wife said...


It's nice to know you're still looking out for us. We still have hope.