Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Latin Mass Appeal"

Today that famously anti-Catholic newspaper, the New York Times, published an op-ed piece by Kenneth J. Wolfe titled Latin Mass Appeal. The piece recounts the origins of the Mass that we currently attend, surmises that some of the ills that plague the church today spring from this liturgy and cites evidence that the Latin Mass is the wave of the future.

Too bad the extraordinary form was not the law of the land when Our Lady of Vilnius was closed on February 27, 2009. The Archdiocesan press release on this topic , STATEMENT OF JOSEPH ZWILLING, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS ON THE CLOSING OF OUR LADY OF VILNIUS CHURCH , offers Father Sawicki's lack of acumen in Lithuanian as one of the justifications for closing the church. Having heard Father's "Veni Creator Spiritus," I am sure that fault would not have been found with his Latin Mass.

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