Friday, December 04, 2009

Apellate Division Rules Against Columbia U. in Eminent Domain Case

On January 11 of last year I posted on the case of Nicholas Sprayregen fighting the loss of his property through eminent domain (Variations on a Theme). In that post I referenced a New York Times article titled Pushing Back as Columbia Moves to Spread Out in which Mr. Sprayregen was quoted as saying:

"Property rights abuse is running rampant, but what’s unique in this instance is that eminent domain always seems to be used against the down-and-out, people who can’t afford to fight back in a meaningful way. I can. But I think it’s anti-American that I’m probably on the losing side.”

Today's New York Times ran a story titled Court Deals a Blow to Columbia's Expansion Plans. The story describes a ruling by the Apellate Division of the State Supreme Court stating that the state could not use eminent domain on behalf of Columbia University to obtain parts of a 17-acre site in West Harlem.

Read the article in its entirety, then visit my imaginary (and imaginative) friends at dotCommonweal, where Paul Moses has addressed the topic in a post titled Columbia’s not-so-eminent domain. Strike the harp and join the forum!

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