Saturday, March 06, 2010

Third Anniversary Video from AmericaLTV

AmericaLTV features a chilling video shot in the interior of our shuttered and pillaged church

How did he get in there?


Anonymous said...

Interesting! We had been told that the Archdiocese had posted security guards in there to prevent vandalism and damage to the property. Is this how our money is wasted? on incompetent security forces?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been inside the rectory lately? Would love tosee photos of that and what's been done to it.

Anonymous said...

When I attended the vigil on the evening of Friday, February 26th, the snow was intact leading up to the rectory door. Everybody must be coming and going via the courtyard. Only the birds, the alleycats and select neighbors would see. I haven't heard a peep, a meow or a word out of any of them.