Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"The Villager" reports on our anniversary vigil

This week's edition of "The Villager" once again provides coverage of our situation in Lincoln Anderson's piece, "Keeping faith, Lithuanians pray church will reopen". Thanks to The Villager for keeping an eye on us and keeping us informed about the wider context of our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

You have the right to your church which you built and maintained. Also the church is a historical monument, which was vandalized by the hierarchs. The hierarchs must rebuild the church and pay the damages. Saulius Simoliunas

Anonymous said...

I take issue with The Villager once again calling Rita our spiritual leader. This makes her sound like the Pope or the Dailai Lama. While I will join my voice with hers in a "Hail Mary" or a litany, I do not look to her for spiritual direction or leadership. Characterizing her this way makes us sound like a bunch of heretical kooks.

Ellen Halloran said...

Our Lady of Vilnius Church is a parish with Lithuanian origins and heritage. In recent years it had undergone the changes in population that all ethnic parishes eventually realize - a change in members' ethnicities as people move to other locations and the neighborhood itself changes.
In August 2006 Lincoln Anderson shed light on this in his article for "The Villager." In that article he talked about local residents, members of the Portuguese community, crowds of local office workers at noontime Masses, and the very active chapter of the Knights of Columbus. All of these people have been displaced by the decision to close an active and financially self-supporting parish.