Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Void in the Blogosphere

It was with a heavy heart that I read that Bob Arihood's blog, Neither More Nor Less, has drawn to a close. This news reached me via the NY Times piece, An East Village Blogger Hangs Up His Mouse.

Though he chronicled the East Village, he did come west the evening of the day our church was padlocked and posted Our Lady of Vilnius is Closed and, as usual, his pictures said it all.

Please read his last post, Basta ! ... No More . This is the Final Post at NMNL . A quote that really resonates with me:

"In doing NMNL we produced 1572 stories simply riding the final whimper of a dying era in the East Village . Today there's not enough interesting material remaining for us to regularly , productively and effeciently photograph and write about in a more-or-less daily blog like NMNL . We're tired of spending so much of our time hunting ,hoping and waiting with so little to show for having done so ."
We are honored to have been included in this work.


Anonymous said...

With the New York Times planning to run an East Village blog using New york University (destroyer of neighborhoods ) journalism students (instead of paid staff) there's not much use in chronicling a disappearing way of life.

Nobody's Wife said...

Thanks for bringing that piece of info to my attention. Many outraged Catholics have been asking me to cancel my NY Times subscription. This angle may be more persuasive to me.