Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Very Bad Sign

On May 24th (A New Void in the Blogosphere) I sadly noted the end of Bob Arihood's blog, Neither More Nor Less. Tonight, I must note that Brooks of Sheffield is following suit and ending Lost City with his post Goodbye to All That. Salient quote:
"I began the blog because I was incensed and alarmed at what the city was becoming. It was losing its grit, its fabric, its very character. It was losing its New York-ness, and gaining nothing but Subway franchises and luxury condos. Since none of my editors would let me write about it, I became my own editor. I was gratified to soon find that there were a lot of people out there who felt the way I did. And it wasn't too long before there were other bloggers who took on a similar mission, like Jeremiah Moss at Vanishing New York and EV Grieve at the blog of the same name. Taken together, we made for quite a few howls in the wilderness. And, tragically, we never ran out of things to report.

But, in the end, they were just howls, as ineffective at Lear's on the heath."
Last year Brooks posted on our stay of execution Good News for Lithuanians - For Now. As of today we are still awaiting a ruling. May Our Lady of Vilnius be the phoenix that rises from the ash, carrying everyone's spirits upward.

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