Thursday, August 19, 2010

Archbishop Dolan enters the Ground Zero Mosque Fray

That anti-Catholic rag to which I subscribe religiously, The New York Times, today features a news item about Archbishop Dolan's willingness to mediate between proponents and critics of the proposed mosque and cultural center near the World Trade Center site. Javier C. Hernandez's piece, titled "Archbishop Offers His Mediation for Islamic Center" provides background information into which the Archbishop's intriguing contribution is embedded:

"The archbishop said that it was his “major prayer” that a compromise could be reached, and that while he had no strong feelings about the project, he might support finding a new location for the center. "

I wonder what the Archbishop has to offer? Could we be seeing Archbishop Dolan and Governor Patterson laying church and state properties before the Cordoba Foundation like competing realtors? Saturday Night Live: a skit is waiting.

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