Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Our Lady of Vilnius "Valio!" for Adele Jencius

There's Adele at the far right of the picture, standing serenely by as St. Brigid's parish celebrated its salvation by an anonymous donor last year.

Today we celebrate the 80th birthday of a lifelong Our Lady of Vilnius parishioner and a stalwart supporter of our effort to save the parish. Adele was baptized at Our Lady of Vilnius by our parish founder, Father Joseph Ĺ estokas (Shestokas)and married there by Father George Gurinskas, namesake of our basement hall.

Adele is part of the living heritage of Our Lady of Vilnius parish, a quiet example of faith from whom we can learn, even though she does not teach or preach. Let's celebrate with her today and strengthen our resolve to restore the parish that shaped her and gave us all the opportunity to be quietly improved by her example.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful tribute to Adele. She is my mother and we all love her dearly.