Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Church and Real Estate: Another hierarchical church meets community resistance

Another hierarchical church meets resistance over the proposed sale of a property. Anne Barnard's piece in yesterdays NY Times, Mormon Church's Plan for Land Upsets Harlem, describes how the Mormon church's central authority in Salt Lake City decided to sell a Harlem property to a residential developer, rejecting alternate proposals from a local nonprofit and from a group of congregants. The lot with a small building on it was the first home of the Harlem congregation, which now worships in a newly constructed church nearby.

Salient quote:
"Adjoining the garden are two properties owned by Ms. Tew’s organization, the Rev. Linnette C. Williamson Memorial Park Association, the trust that sought to buy the church land at a discount. One, a grassy lawn, is used as a play space by local day care centers; the other is a community garden.

Paul Coppa, a lawyer for the trust, said that church officials in Utah had no interest in his proposal and that while he believed he could have made a deal with the local congregation, he was told they had “no say.”"

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