Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Positive Mention of Our Lady of Vilnius in "Catholic New York"

I was pleasantly surprised to see a tribute to Our Lady of Vilnius among Catholic New York's "Letters to the Editor". The letter, titled "Study Site", was written by Marymount Manhattan professor, Mary Brown. Ms. Brown included Our Lady of Vilnius in a walking tour of Catholic Greenwich Village for her students. Salient quote:

"Even if the Lithuanian community no longer worships there, I’m glad Our Lady of Vilnius stayed for so long. In its last years, it has helped class after class learn more about the role of the Church in the City of New York."

Thank you, Mary, for caring and for making sure that Our Lady of Vilnius will live in the memories of your students."

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Ellen Halloran said...

Professor Brown should know that in February 2007, when Cardinal Egan closed our church, there were a number of active artists among the parishioners forcibly deprived of their parish.