Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mary Help of Christians sold to developers ???

Please e-mail us with any facts or clues about this possible "development" in the sad recent history of Mary Help of Christians.

Mary Help of Christians parish, one of our 3 companions in resistance at the time it was closed in 2007, may have been sold to developers.  I received an e-mail from a former parishioner as follows:
"I am sorry to pass along this info.  I just read a text  that the Mary Help of Christians property has been sold to developers.  I have no details.  I am shocked and speechless right now."
Mary Help of Christians, pictured above, is located at 440 E. 12 St. in Manhattan.  Please help us out with any facts, clues or other about this situation that has former parishioners reeling.  Andrew the Sinner shares his photos and reflections on "Mary Help" from a March 7, 2010 visit in his post "90. Mary Help of Christians"

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Unknown said...

I passed it this evening, Tues. Sept. 25, 20012 & several big cranes surround it on two sides with guys in hard-hats spending the night there. Looks like they're demolishing the entire church & part of the school. Too bad, they don't build them like that any more & never will again. Some over-priced cheese box will replace it, I guess.