Friday, May 18, 2012

"Miracle on South Division Street" sounds like the story of my people

Photo by Aaron Pepis, The New York Times

Today's NY Times ran a theatre review titled "A Shrine, Some Soup and a Bunch of Secrets" (that encapsulates Our Lady of Vilnius right there!).   The play is set in a formerly Polish American neighborhood in Buffalo where a family of the original settlers run a soup kitchen in what was originally their father's barbershop.  The father was apparently visited by the Virgin Mary.  The plot tension is brought about when the granddaughter "who would be a struggling actress if she could only get a part" wants to dramatize the story.  The true story.

Sounds like a good comic relief for displaced parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka and Our Lady of Vilnius.  Oh to dramatize the story of Our Lady of Vilnius.  The true story.  If we ever get to know it, that is.

“Miracle on South Division Street” is at St. Luke’s Theater, 308 West 46th Street, Clinton; (212) 239-6200,

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Anonymous said...

The stage in the basement of Our Lady of Vilnius Church would be the perfect place to present this play!