Monday, June 25, 2012

Correspondent leaving Fox to serve as media consultant to the Vatican

An item by Rachel Donadio in today's NY Times, Fox News Reporter Hired as Vatican Media Adviser, spreads the news that Fox's Rome correspondent Greg Burke has accepted a position as a media advisor for the Vatican.  Burke, who has covered the Vatican for Fox since 2001, is identified in the article as being a member of Opus Dei.  According to the article, Mr. Burke will  report directly to Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu, the third-ranking Vatican official.  deputy to Cardinal Bertone. He will also work closely with Archbishop Becciu’s deputy, American Monsignor Peter Wells.  In a quote, Mr. Burke likened his anticipated role to that of the Secretary of Communications in the White House: "It’s a very similar job. It’s a strategy job. It’s very simple to explain, not so easy to execute: to formulate the message and try to make sure everyone remains on message.”

It will be interesting to see what unfolds from this appointment.  Will the Dan Brown Vatican intrigue phenomenon deplored by Cardinal Bertone be quelled by appointing a member of Opus Dei to do the job?  Will the Cardinals be rendered more lovable, like Nanni Moretti's volleyball-playing prelates in Habemus Papam?    Maybe foam fingers will soon be sported in Rome, too.

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