Monday, June 25, 2012

RIP Lonesome George

A giant Galapagos Pinta tortoise, Lonesome George, a.k.a. Jorge, was not Catholic and did not actually attend Our Lady of Vilnius.  Like Our Lady of Vilnius Parish he was the last of his kind.  On this basis, we happily welcome him to the fanciful paradise that is the Our Lady of Vilnius Virtual Basement Hall where he will silently scuttle past Dorothy Day and Jurgis Aleliunas will slip him a morsel of koldunai.  This earthly realm will be a bit sadder without him.


Ellen Halloran said...

I wonder what kind of moves George will make under our perpetual disco ball. After all, 100 years is a relatively young age for this kind of tortoise; and George is the last of his kind.

Anonymous said...

I see him doing something like tai chi. I would like to make the closet next to the stage a hibernaculum for him. We don't really know to what extent he is a party animal.