Monday, May 19, 2014

Archdiocese of New York to Partner with NYC in Affordable Housing Initiatives: Will the devil be in the details?

The latest edition of the Archdiocese's house organ, "Catholic New York." features a piece by Ron Lajoie titled "Church Stands Ready to Help in Solving the Housing Crisis".  According to Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, the Church has several attributes that make it a natural for the affordable housing project. First, its theology of housing as a basic human right, second, a long history of providing housing and services for those in need, but third (and here is where the ominous soap opera organ chord sounded):
"The third thing we offer, and the cardinal has indicated this, is we have changing use of church facilities, so that as populations shift and we don’t need some of our properties for certain things there are new possibilities.
To the best of my knowledge, Our Lady of Vilnius Church is on the market for $19 million.  The rectory is listed for $9 million.  St. Stanislaus Kostka in Hastings was sold, church and rectory.  Mary Help of Christians has been sold for development.

The Archdiocese will probably realize quite a few quid in exchange for their quo while piling up ideological ammo against the selfish, sinful idolators who try to save their parishes.  The church should have done more to combat income inequality as it was developing instead of reaping its rewards in the form of real estate proceeds.

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