Monday, May 19, 2014

Will affordable housing initiative result in segregated micro-hives for worker bees?

Last Friday the New York Times ran a feature by Ronda Kaysen titled "What’s Next, a Bouncer? Rent-Regulated Tenants Excluded From Amenities"  Developers who have provided affordable units in return for tax credits have created separate entrances for the "affordable" tenants or even off-loaded the units to a different site.  If the Archdiocese of New York is partnering with the city in creating affordable housing, I hope that they oppose the segregation of the working class from their well-to-do neighbors.

Under this scheme of things, would Gary Barnett be able to put the affordable units associated with this:

Where this...

now stands?  If so, please keep the facade, give us a space to assemble and give former Our Lady of Vilnius parishioners who qualify first preference.

But better yet:  Let it stand!  And let us pray.

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