Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White Plains Man Airs view of "Making All Things New"

The White Plains Daily Voice published Giovanni Mastracchio's opinion and analysis of how "MATN" played out in his neighborhood as a letter to the editor titled "Cardinal Dolan Makes No Sense Whatsoever' On Merging Churches."

While he is at it he, too, assails The Euphemism: "This is not "making all things new," this is trying to resuscitate a dying parish by sucking all the blood out of a healthy one, while allowing an ailing one to continue to suffer without any first aid."

His alternative, while descriptive, is still a mouthful and does not make a clever acronym.  Please suggest another name!  Church mergers have been announced and closures will follow, so I need to refer to this "process" by something short and sweet.

CLICK HERE to make your suggestion.

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